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Claudia Tarantino

All My Biscotti in One Tin, Claudia Tarantino at Donna Seager Gallery


The Three Graces, Claudia Tarantino at Donna Seager Gallery

  Imola, Claudia Tarantino at Donna Seager Gallery


Last of the Season, Claudia Tarantino at Donna Seager Gallery        

All My Biscotti In One Tin, Porcelain Still Life, 9.5 x 10 x 8

Claudia Tarantino

Claudia Tarantino uses the unique properties of porcelain to construct trompe l’ oeil sculptures that are refined and detailed. Themes of nature’s life cycle as well as serving and sharing food infuse her sculptures with luscious vitality. Mingling familiar imagery and objects which speak to human interaction and relationships, her arrangements of boxes, cookie tins, mementos, photo albums and collections reflect her personal family history while evoking recognition of what is common in our experience. Constructed to fool the eye of the viewer, her pieces are both nostalgic and current, capturing a moment in time both past and present.

Claudia Tarantino grew up in San Francisco and received her BA in Art from Domincan College, where she focused on painting. She has been a ceramic artist for more than thirty years. A two-time recipient of Marin Arts Council Individual Artist Grants, her work is exhibited nationally and her sculptures are in many private collections and museums. Images and reviews of Claudia's work have been published in numerous books and magazines.




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